An Ode to Body Positivity

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Do you ever look at your old photos reflecting how thin you were, but ironically back then you used to always think the exact opposite. That you would look better if you just knocked off that extra flab invisible to others and visible only to your self-judging eyes? 

The truth is – there’s never a perfect size. 

People are rarely happy with their body weight. Even if they are thin. Take it from me. I don’t like to talk about my body image issues with anyone nowadays because people usually become condescending and say things like:

Why do u need to exercise??? what about me then????

I want to smack thin people who say they have to lose weight.”

There is rarely a “Everyone should exercise – thin or fat.

But that’s the problem right there – we always look at ourselves with a judging magnifying glass irrespective of our body size. On top of that, we also end up judging others if their body weight goals are different from ours.

We don’t see what others see even if they say we are fine the way we are. 

We look at the mirror and see a lot of flaws. This is why thin people exercise more and get thinner – and they still think they need to lose weight. 

I’m saying this to all those who wish to lose weight – it’s not always the answer.

Show empathy, no matter the body size. The mind is ever judging. Never add to the mess. 

An Ode to Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek – Netflix

I remember watching the show at a snail’s pace. Maybe because it did not seem very interesting at the point.

But I am so glad I held on.

When I saw David, Moira, John, Alexis dancing to “Precious Love”, I knew I was hooked. I felt a gush of warmth all over and I knew this family was special.

Schitt’s Creek became a regular breakfast watch. A good, sunny way to start off my day with. It put me in a good mood to deal with the rest of the day. I will, without a trace of doubt, miss Moira’s impeccable English, John’s wide-eyed surprised looks, Alexis’ gestures and “boop”, and David’s expressions.

And may I also credit the fabulous way in which the LGBTQ+ community has been represented in the show? None of those preachy lectures or emotional outbursts that we usually see with kids coming out to their parents. I witnessed the same in “Never Have I Ever” on Netflix.

In a perfect world, this is it. A long, comforting embrace of acceptance and inclusion. Schitt’s creek has an abundance of heartwarming moments. Let’s hope this spills over to the real world.

An Ode to the Kindest Person I Have Known

Be Kind
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Talking about dad, one particular incident keeps coming to mind, which floods my heart with love for him.

I remember as a high school kid making rice for the first time. We were in the GCC and mom was in India. So I took it upon myself to cook something for my dad. I totally forgot about the rice and ended up burning it. I felt very disappointed because it was the first time I tried to cook something. 

We had a party later on that day and dad mentioned that I cooked rice. One snarky uncle asked laughing “But the question is, did she cook it well? Did she burn it?” I could feel a joke coming up and was readying myself for it. To smile through it all, even if I was a little upset about my failure. But instead, my dad said “Yes, she cooked it very well!” and gave me a wink and a smile. 

A wave of relief. 

A wave of empathy. 

As you move on in life, you realize, this show of kindness is very rare. People are just looking for the next joke, or the next person to troll, or the next person to burn. “IDGAF” is deemed as the new cool.

Not understanding that empathy is far greater, and has a much greater impact. 

I am still to meet someone who is as kind and empathetic as dad. I am used to the best so how can I settle for anything less?