• An Ode to Saying Please and Thank You at Work
    How often have we dealt with authoritative emails at work? The ones that sound unnecessarily aggressive and bossy, instead of courteous yet firm. After my previous rant on performance reviews, I looked into a couple of emails of supervisors generally well-liked at the office and those who weren’t.
  • An Ode to Surviving Performance Reviews by Demotivating Managers
    It is that demotivating season again. I say demotivating because my last 2 performance reviews were negative. I might keep repeating “demotivating”, because that is how I feel right now. So demotivated, dazed, confused, furious. And all because of one manager.
  • An Ode to Microsoft Edge’s Immersive Reader
    I am not sure how many people actually know of this sleek, user-friendly tool on Microsoft Edge. It is called the Immersive Reader. Staying true to its name, it is a great tool for readers to indulge in. Take a look at this article with distracting elements (navbar, widgets, ads).

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