An Ode to Tata Nano Owners

Tata Nano
A Family Adventure with Tata Nano. Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

When the Tata Nano came out, I remember looking at the owners in awe.

They had the guts to own the cheapest car in India.

Society doesn’t treat you well when they know you haven’t paid a huge sum for something – be it a car, house, TV, anything.

Nano owners knew that – “Yes this is a cheap car. My relatives, friends and family might gossip behind my back. But guess what? It doesn’t matter!

Similarly, ever told someone that you plan on buying a studio apartment? Try and gauge their reaction to see how deeply embedded materialism is. 

You need a high level of emotional stability and strength to own something that isn’t a status symbol. Most are only talk “I don’t give a f***” but Nano owners truly proved it with their actions! They really didn’t give a f***.

Their only wish was to transport themselves and their family from point A to B in a new car they can truly call their own.

No other frills.

Plain and simple.

It is another thing that Tata Nano did not live up to its expectations because of the cheap material used, resulting in its downfall. It was discontinued in April 2019.

Nevertheless, because of Tata Nano, I came to admire this different group of people and their persona.

If you are/were a Tata Nano owner, hats off to you! For showing everyone around how comfortable you’re in your own skin, without the need to prove a point to anyone.

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