Bollywood Buzz: Netizens Speculated Alia Bhatt’s Pregnancy Before it Became Public

Source: instagram/@aliaabhatt

I am a big Bollywood fan – a fact I’ve never given away in my blog till now. I wonder why because I have always been a keen observer of Bollywood, indulging in my Filmfare, Stardust, and Cineblitz magazines since a very young age.

As a kid, it was my guilty pleasure since most my age were into Hollywood. Hindi movies were considered uncool.

As an adult, I still stalk Bollywood and everything Bollywood-related. It is how I relax and give my monkey mind a break from overthinking. Needless to say, I am one of those people eagerly waiting for the new Koffee with Karan season on Hotstar.

I think my blog would be incomplete without some Bollywood gossip and banter (nothing toxic; I hate that) because it is as much a part of me as my serious, philosophical side. Two sides of the same coin. With the amount of Bollywood content I consume, maybe I could share something new?

The latest news to hit Bollywood is Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy. Some say she’s due in November. Some say December. But we will never know until it happens (much like her wedding).

A blind that was posted a few weeks back on Miss Malini got it bang-on. Most readers speculated the couple to be Katrina-Vicky Kaushal, but well, we now know the answer.

So, this Bollywood couple who took the plunge recently is all set to be parents. The leading actress and actor are pregnant and expecting the baby in December. Well, we aren’t naming them as removing the cat out of the box will almost be like stealing their thunder. But, you don’t have to wait longer as we hear that the official announcements will happen soon. We are supremely happy and excited about this news and are only waiting for the announcement day now!

You can read the whole post here.

Apparently, as per sources, the news was already shared with a few by Ranbir Kapoor himself during Karan Johar’s birthday party. Viral Bhayani and Manav Manglani will now have a new kid to stalk — unless Ranbir and Alia follow the Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli way and they deny their fans and media any access to their kid’s photographs. Parents know best but I love celebrity kids’ pictures, so I am a bit salty.

P.S: Reddit had predicted the pregnancy way back (in April?) though I have personally not seen that post. The pic below was shared 12 days back by a Reddit investigator. Got to love social media.

A Reddit Investigator Predicting Alia’s Pregnancy from Search Results

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