An Ode to Peace, Calm and Freedom

Photo by Fuzail Ahmad on Pexels

I love to meditate.

I close my eyes and think of all my blessings and feel this surge in energy. It is something everyone should experience. Makes you feel the world is a wonderful place.

But I am privileged.

I can afford to shut my eyes and just lose sense of my surroundings.

There are many right now in war-torn areas who are afraid to even get a good night’s sleep, let alone shut their eyes to meditate.

How did we land up so lucky? To be able to enjoy this peace and calm.

How did they get so unlucky?

Prayers do not seem to be the answer, because for sure many in turbulent places are religious.

It is more or less like a casino, where a country’s fate is decided over a roll of dice.

Only if luck could be donated like money. Everyone would have contributed a bit to ensure no country is left empty.

Still I pray for Afghanistan. It is the only thing I can do.

I pray for other countries too who have not experienced what freedom is like.

It is said that only when you experience something, do you understand its value. When you have never been free, you do not know what it is like, so the pain is less. But when you have experienced freedom and you lose it, you feel pain, because you now know how liberating it can be, and how happy it made you feel.

A bird whose cage has been opened, will look around for a while, unsure and skeptical. But it will eventually fly away and appreciate its new found freedom.

Let’s hope all countries get to that point one day, where the cage opens, and the birds stare at the world in wonder, finally free.. to choose life. The only life they will get to live.

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