An Ode to Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek – Netflix

I remember watching the show at a snail’s pace. Maybe because it did not seem very interesting at the point.

But I am so glad I held on.

When I saw David, Moira, John, Alexis dancing to “Precious Love”, I knew I was hooked. I felt a gush of warmth all over and I knew this family was special.

Schitt’s Creek became a regular breakfast watch. A good, sunny way to start off my day with. It put me in a good mood to deal with the rest of the day. I will, without a trace of doubt, miss Moira’s impeccable English, John’s wide-eyed surprised looks, Alexis’ gestures and “boop”, and David’s expressions.

And may I also credit the fabulous way in which the LGBTQ+ community has been represented in the show? None of those preachy lectures or emotional outbursts that we usually see with kids coming out to their parents. I witnessed the same in “Never Have I Ever” on Netflix.

In a perfect world, this is it. A long, comforting embrace of acceptance and inclusion. Schitt’s creek has an abundance of heartwarming moments. Let’s hope this spills over to the real world.

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